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As time passes this site will take it's shape.
Someday I will convert this site to what it is meant to be, but, since I am really busy
with work and such, it will be forever under construction.

The original idea I had for this site was as a training ground for greater art to come.
I am really into the Anime scene, and I came up with an idea to base my own anime
around this sort of theme.  But, I first must learn to draw anime cartoons with some
degree of proficiency before I can begin the story.  And again, because of a demanding 
schedule with the graphic arts work that I do, I don't have the time.

As far as a training ground, in the interim, I will be be periodically posting my progress
on my journey through anime (that's what the crossed-out, non-working, artwork link
is for).

If you are curious to see some of the graphic arts, and web design, work that do; log
on to www.wikmgraphics.com, or the company that pays me www.wikstromgraphics.com.

Someday, some years ahead, I'll begin to make character sketches and the like.